Beckoning of Aetherius Review and Kickstarter

Recently I had the pleasure of helping to Kickstart the graphic novel Beckoning of Aetherius: The Feminist Part 2 from the amazing C.J. Anderson. Currently a Kickstarter is happening to get part 3 into the hands of fans. I would recommend any level but especially one that has parts 1 and 2 as a reward.

This story is about Methy and Sienna, best friends who have a dramatic falling out in part one. As they defend themselves and argue their points, readers will be drawn to either Sienna or Metheena, because they share the same opinions. However, Anderson does an amazing job of showing both sides of the split which will cause readers to question their own thoughts, switch allegiances, come back around, and maybe everyone eventually realizes that true friendship and love rests somewhere in between the extremes. We all have friends that have different opinions than our own, but that doesn’t effect the relationship. Metheena and Sienna are figuring out that balance. Not only in their friendship, but also in the world. What is it to be a person, who am I attracted to, what box do I check on a form? And, honestly, how much of that really matters overall?

The true star is Anderson’s art. Dramatic, cartoonish, realistic, explosive, energetic, the art is all of this and more throughout the book. There is no one style, the story will decide what art is best for that page. Detailed close ups are followed by panels that burst off the page, and then there is discussion that is drawn just as animated as the words the characters are saying. Every page could be hung up in a gallery.

I could see the final four volume set as a perfect addition to high school libraries. A great way to navigate between being book smart and socially dumb. A way for kids to see they’re not the only ones experiencing all of these emotions without having any answers.

The next part of the story is live on Kickstarter right now. I signed up already and the campaign will last until June 1.

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