The Offspring Volume One Graphic Novel Review

From David Whalen, colors by Jason Sylvestre and Stas Leonov. Published by Correct Handed Comics. This volume collects chapters 1-4.

Another fine comic from Correct Handed! I also think this is the last one I bought way back in August. Just in time to get some money together to buy more! In the Offspring, three childhood friends are reunited and realize there’s a bond they’re unsure of but can never get away from. Vince, Sara, and Will discover powers when they are united. But what could possibly happen to bring these three back together again? They all needed help when they were younger, but now that an ancient evil is gaining power in their hometown will they return the help?

My favorite part of this opening volume was constantly feeling surprised by the direction of the story. From slow builds, to revelations, to thinking the day is saved, and then being completely wrong. While this is a world with evil, it is not a world with superheroes. Kind of like how many of us feel about our own world right now. These three aren’t helping because of a vow to an alien, or a magical suit. They discover some abilities and at the same time there are people that need help, so they help. Especially when it’s to help children. Sometimes it can be that simple.

At many times the writing reminded me of classic Hack/Slash. Heroes who are doubtful, imperfect, and scared but also aware that they are the only ones who can do anything about the threat. This vulnerability makes the characters that much more beloved as readers project their own sense of responsibility and moral obligation. Even though this is not a story that takes place anywhere near Marvel, Uncle Ben’s words still ring true.

I’ve been enjoying Whalen’s other titles but Offspring is by far his longest series and I look forward to where the story will go next. The villain in this story and the debut of our three heroes walks that fine line between a complete story and also giving hints of a larger epic. David keeps putting out new ideas and I highly recommend being along for the ride.

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