At Odds with Wrestling Homework: AIW 3D

Previously I made the point that wrestling should be treated like graphic novels. Matches, promos, and the entire storyline of a feud are easily accessible in one convenient format. Then a show like AIW 3D comes along. A show that is the penultimate issue for the series conclusion. That series is known as Absolution and this entire show acted like a hype video for that event coming on July 23rd. 

3D took place July 7, 2022 at the Winchester and you can watch it by signing up for IWTV. This homework is part of the At Odds with Wrestling podcast series. Joe and Adam assign homework every week without a major pay per view and I attach myself to their success with these write ups. 

9 to 5 vs the Heritage. 

Hey its the von Englands! I love the new ties 9 to 5 are wearing. Unfortunately the ties don’t help me tell the two of them apart. I’m terrible with this. I still don’t know which Buck is Matt and which is Nick. So, I’ll explain a move this way: Eden hits a clothesline on 9 and when he falls his feet kick up, right into 5’s crotch. Really original spot that I can’t believe I’ve never seen before. 9 to 5 is getting to be really good and over the next year it will be impossible to hold them back from the tag titles. Which makes me wonder who has the experience edge here? 9 to 5 is a relatively new tag team, but not necessarily new individuals. 9 to 5 are absolutely calling this match and the Heritage appear lost at times. I like them but there were a few out of place moments. Either 9 or 5 locks on a Dragon sleeper for the team to get the clean win. That cleanliness doesn’t last post match though as they attack the Heritage with briefcases. 

Anthony Young vs Isaiah Broner. 

Young refuses Broner’s handshake. Then he pushes Broner away. A third time! That’s it and Broner snaps. Just smacks the hell out of Young. Young tries to come back but he hits one move and is struck down again. Isaiah hits a huge lariat for the pin and that is really all this match had to be. This is a man to fear, and more on that later. 

Philly Marino vs Arthur McArthur.

Artie jumps Philly to start this match off hot. Artie has the fans put on their 3D glasses and knocks Philly into the crowd. It’s like he’s in the seat with you! Philly gets control of the match and this goes back and forth. Very violent match for these two. Philly yells out “Humble Artie” and locks him into a Camel Clutch. Artie comes back and locks on the Claw. Philly drops but uses this momentum to roll up Artie and grabs the ropes to get the surprise pin. Tonight’s Absolution build begins. 

Evan Ambrose vs PB Smooth. 

I saw a guy at an indie show recently that reminded me of the Weirdster. I meant to ask if there was any crossover there but didn’t get the chance to. To paraphrase the announcers. “Smooth is 6 foot 9.” “How many inches is he?” Now I didn’t see this as a dick joke but instead as a wrestling historian calling back to Art Donovan at the WWF King of the Ring in 1994. Smooth easily pins Ward. As easily as Art fell into commentating wrestling like he had been doing it for years. Smooth hits a post match powerbomb that shook the Winchester ring to its knees, if rings could have knees. 

Riley Rose vs Twan Tucker vs TKD vs Shark Boy. 

Twan hits a big spear on TKD for the pin. This match just didn’t click with me and all due respect, I think it’s because of Shark Boy. I’ve enjoyed every other person in this match and seen them have great ones against a variety of opponents. But Shark Boy seemed to be in the way more than adding anything to the match. He needed his moments, and there needed to be balance to the match. All of that I accept. However, I think this would have been a better match without him. Ultimately he distracted me from the match, and from the point of the match which I had a feeling was to give Big Twan a big win before Absolution. And I was right. Twan makes a challenge for the aforementioned Absolution and calls out Matthew Justice! I am now looking at my schedule and debating my Absolution dinner and snacks. Because me and IWTV have a date coming up. 

Bitcoin Boiz (I know I’m spelling that wrong. Come at me. Not really, because I’m woefully out of shape and have no cardio.) vs Members Only vs To Infinity and Beyond. 

Is this match under Lucha rules? It flows like it is. Good call if so. One pairing is in the ring while the other two pairs fight in the crowd. Members Only have a sick elevated DDT in their arsenal. Really fun fight, but again it feels like foreplay. I just know this is building to something else. Cheech hits a spear and Colin gets the roll up allowing To Infinity and Beyond to pick up the victory. I think everyone is shocked because this would have been a good time to give one of these newer teams a big win over two AIW legends. I should have trusted this night as a night of set up though because Cheech and Colin make the challenge and we have a huge four team match for Absolution. 

Marino Tenaglia vs Chuck Stone. 

The other halves of the warring tag teams have their singles match against each other. Really great story here. Marino is obviously smaller than Chuck but uses every bit of speed to give Stone a challenge. Marino is so successful he really controls the first part of this match. Philly comes out to join the commentators. In the most disgusting move of the night, Chuck powerbombs Marino onto the Winchester ring! That’s the hardest part of the ring. I honestly thought he broke it. It being the ring, not Marino’s back although that’s a possibility as well. Philly helps sell the hell out of all of this on commentary. In a great spot Chuck headbutts Marino but they are both exhausted, Marino drops from the headbutt but Chuck falls on top of him for the pinfall attempt that only gets a two. Chuck locks on a camel clutch variation, good call back to earlier in the evening, and gets the tap out win. Philly attacks Chuck after the match and Arthur comes out to make the save. Artie cuts a hell of a promo afterwards and I can’t wait to see this tag team title match at Absolution. 

Joseline Navarro comes to the ring to make her own challenge. She lays out a huge match against Katie Arquette at Absolution. Suddenly, PB Smooth comes out. These two used to be part of 40 Acres. Smooth says he’s sorry, then punches Joseline in the face! She drops and so does the jaw of everyone witnessing this. Isaiah Broner comes running out to check on Joseline. Smooth exits through the crowd. Oh, we’re going to see a crime scene come Absolution. Wow. 

Jackson Stone (with Brian Carson and Casey Carringon IV) vs Dominic Garrini. 

These two beat the absolute hell out of each other right from the start. Dom with a classic Bret Hart turnbuckle spot. The sweat just flies off of these chops. This is something that can only be seen in the intimate surroundings of the Winchester and I am loving every bit of it. Jackson hits a gut wrench suplex from the second rope, and the ropes hold! Dom hits a Stump Puller and picks up the win. Dom’s story is not with Jackson, that was just a step to get to Casey and Dom announces that at Absolution it will be him vs Casey in a Dog Collar match. Seriously, Absolution is worth the $10 monthly charge for IWTV. 

Derek Dillinger (with the one and only Ziggy Haim) and the Duke vs the Rip City Shooters. 

Hi Ziggy. 

All four of these men are so good at what they do. It’s said too much, but this time it’s true – this could be a main event anywhere. Derek has Wes tied up and starts calling out Wes’s mom. Wow that’s some great heel work. Speaking of great work, give it up to the camera person. In my recent history of watching AIW it has been awesome seeing Bishop at this other level. But in even more recent memory it has been amazing to see Derek climbing up to that level and getting better and better with each match. Derek goes through a door. Derek and Bishop fight deep into the crowd. Are they even in the building anymore? Duke grabs the shark! Wes spears Duke through the shark! The crowd erupts in a “holy shark” chant. This show would be a great one to bring a date to who has never watched wrestling before. By the end of this evening they would love all that is wrestling and that could be your thing to do together as a new couple. Ziggy breaks up the 3. Duke hits a Duke Driver on Wes, and gets the pin?! Bishop and Derek finally come back to ringside, still fighting. 

I know I’ve said it a lot in this write up but I can’t wait for Absolution now. This is one of the best “go home” shows I’ve ever seen for any wrestling company. If you haven’t watched it, I suggest doing so before next weekend so you can also get pumped for what I’m sure is a future homework assignment.

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