Rated X by Maitland Ward advance reader review

A copy of this book was provided by Net Galley for review. 

This might not be considered to be my usual fare here but when I saw the opportunity to review this book, I jumped at it. As a child of the 80s and a teen of the 90s Boy Meets World holds a place in my heart. Seeing Maitland Ward in her cosplay and then later in other attire held a place elsewhere. I was curious how a star from my youth had this career change. In her own words, Ward details every bit of the journey in this upcoming book. Some celebrity works are terribly written or it is far too obvious someone else did the actual work. This book was written by a woman who holds nothing back. I wonder if her experience being naked on film allows her to also be naked in text as well. Maitland is raw, open, honest, funny, smart, and throughout the entire book engrossing. Hollywood is fake, porn is real, and she is as real as it gets. 

For those of you who may not know, Maitland Ward joined the cast of Boy Meets World in later seasons as Rachel McGuire. I honestly saw her as the beautiful girl next door who has a sense of humor and confidence. After reading this book, I think that’s what Maitland would have wanted as well but instead her character became a way to add some sex to an ABC TGIF show without making the other girls on the show change anything. After the show, Ward never saw the same success and became frustrated. She started to get attention from dressing far too cute in public and, where I rediscovered her, some stunning cosplay. Things started gradually from there. Maitland joined Patreon so fans could see more photos of her and a fortune was made. A little less clothing, a little more sex, and the adult world comes calling. Thanks to her experiences in Hollywood, Maitland was able to pull any adult film she was in out of the shadows and into the light of respectability. She brought plot, sets, and glamor back. Along the way she finds more honesty in porn compared to the facade that is Hollywood. 

Maitland is an absolute game changer for the porn industry. A talent that defines before and after. Not since the 90s when Vivid girls hosted shows on the E! Network and had billboards, has there been a mainstream adult star of this level. Throughout the book she shows an honesty for her body and her body of work that stands against the mainstream output. While the “reputable” world would have her diet, call her fat, gaslight, manipulate, and exploit. Her new career turns out to be more wholesome. Support, honesty, and a team working towards a united goal instead of egos in trailers. 

After reading this book I think those who wouldn’t seek out porn (or admit to it) will have to give Maitland her deserved respect. Ironic that TGIF had so many messages for us but left a big one out. One that Ward is now teaching. As long as everyone is legal and consenting and having fun – do what you want. Maybe not everyone is as adventurous, but no one has to be. The lesson within this book is to have the confidence to find what you enjoy. Whether that be for work or pleasure. If it doesn’t hurt anyone, don’t feel guilty about what brings you pleasure. There are far too many people out there trying to yuk your yum to waste time worrying about them. I hope Maitland continues to innovate and lead her industry for many years to come.

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