“Suck it Wonder Woman” Book Review

Olivia Munn’s book from back in 2010.

This book cost $24 when it came out.

I was a huge fan of Olivia Munn back in the day. I was right there for every moment of G4. Of course Attack of the Show, but there were so many cool things on that channel. I tuned in every weekday at 7 to see her and follow with the news, the silliness, and how amazing she looked that day. I spent money on things, although not this book at the time. I do have her Playboy somewhere though. Right next to the WWE connected ones. Over the years she has done a lot and I just took a look at her social media that is full of beautiful baby pictures. All of these photos are so full of love so I’m not going to say anything nasty about her which is also why I didn’t put her name in the headline.

But if you, like me, had your AOTS fandom absolutely skip this book or, also like me, wait until you find it used for under a dollar. There is so much filler and garbage just to pad out for 270 pages. The entire book is a scatter brained group dinner conversation. Funny game, funny question, look at this picture, quick funny story, talk about food, repeat. I read it in an afternoon, after all of these years. And it’s going right back to some used book store in the world.

I think there’s a difference between giving back to your fans and exploiting your fans. This is not worth $24. By any means. The paperback is $21? This is a New York Times bestseller?!

No celebrity owes me or owes any fan anything. However, I do feel I’m owed my money’s worth to be entertained for X amount of time. In fact, I’m writing this just to get my dollar’s worth. I learned barely anything about her. No talk about her career or making it or motivation or even really a success story. I didn’t have a job, and then I did. Oh, and there are some perverts in Hollywood, unnamed, and she’s seen some things.

I think the last time I read a “bestseller” so bad was the Rock’s book.

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