WWE SummerSlam 2022 Predictions

There’s a big wrestling event tonight which means it’s also time to guess what will happen. There’s a lot more going on than usual too. For one, I am watching a ton of wrestling right now because this event is in Nashville which is also where Starrcast V is taking place. Lots of independent wrestling shows, live wrestling podcasts, and Ric Flair’s last match on Sunday. Meanwhile, this is the first WWE “premium live event” since Vince McMahon’s retirement. Speculation is running crazy for what might happen tonight. Title changes, character changes, maybe even a return? The theory I like best is that Seth Rollins will have a match tonight and it will be against a returning Johnny Gargano. He is in town for Starrcast so it is possible. I’ll be watching Starrcast shows all day and then switch over to SummerSlam tonight. Maybe some Chinese food? Or I could do burgers and pretend it’s a true summer celebration. 

All that said, now it’s time to guess who will win. As always, this is not who I want to win but who I think will win based on where I think the stories are going. That will be a bit more difficult this time around because I have to guess where Triple H is planning next, not Vince McMahon. I have a pretty good record overall. Now let’s see if I can continue that. 

As of this writing, there are no matches scheduled for the pre show. Which is a shame because there’s lots of people who aren’t on this card. 

Logan Paul vs the Miz. 

Logan just signed a long term deal with WWE. Which means this isn’t a one (or two) off celebrity appearance in which he should win. He’ll lose eventually but tonight he should get his first one on one victory. I would expect a post match beating leading to more matches against Miz and Ciampa. Possibly even Ciampa interfering tonight. Whether by pinfall or DQ, Logan Paul gets the win tonight. 

Liv Morgan (Smackdown champion) vs Ronda Rousey. 

If rumors are true, Ronda agreed to lose the title to Liv because she wanted to reward the passion and drive to be a champion. Liv just won the title and the crowd is still into her run. She needs a few more victories to make this matter and establish her as someone that could win the title again in the future. I would not be surprised if Sonya Deville, or Natalya, or anyone else comes out to distract Ronda and allow Liv to pick up the win while still being the face. Liv Morgan retains. 

Bobby Lashley (United States champion) vs Theory. 

I think Theory is going to keep getting his butt kicked for a few more weeks if not months and that will happen here. Lashley will beat Theory and toss him around for a while. Theory is making enemies everywhere. I think his beatings will continue to a point where fans think there’s no way he will successfully cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase. Looking to the future, I don’t think he will defeat Lesnar or Reigns but I do think he could beat whoever is next. For now though, Lashley wins this match. 

Pat McAfee vs Happy Corbin. 

Both men have actually done a very good job of getting this story over. McAfee will impress. Corbin always does what’s asked of him. I just don’t care. McAfee will win, there will be a Raw match after so he can recover, and then he’ll be back out to call the rest of the Smackdown matches. Corbin has never lost anything by losing. McAfee as a couple times a year wrestler will score the win. 

The Mysterios vs Judgment Day. 

This really feels like the story has been coming for a while. I think Dominic turns against his father and joins Judgment Day. Because this will be of his own decision and not Judgment Day forcing him to join, he will be welcomed with open arms. Winners: Judgment Day. 

The Usos (Unified tag team champions) vs The Street Profits. 

Because I think Dominic will turn, I don’t think the Street Profits break up. While Montez Ford is a future singles champion for sure, maybe even world champion, now is not the time to break them up. I’m going to predict a controversial finish, based off of the shoulders being up in previous weeks. There will be a ref spot, one will be knocked out and a second referee will come in. Both referees will count the pinfall but each referee will decide a different winner. This controversy will allow the tag titles to be split up again. Technically both teams won and both teams get one set of the tag team titles. Winner: Tie. 

Bianca Belair (Raw women’s champion) vs Becky Lynch. 

I want Becky as champion but her quest to regain the title is much more interesting. She could push this all the way to the Rumble, maybe further. Bianca didn’t get her feud with Rhea Ripley and if Rhea is back and healthy that should be the next story. Meanwhile I wouldn’t mind seeing Becky take her title quest to other places. She never won the NXT women’s title. Or if they come back she could go for the women’s tag team titles. But who could she get to trust her as a partner? Winner: Bianca Belair. 

Roman Reigns (Raw and Smackdown world champion) vs Brock Lesnar. 

With Vince still in charge, I could have seen Brock winning. However, since Triple H took over Drew McIntyre has freely voiced his opinion on part time world champions. And Drew gets the title shot at Clash at the Castle. I think Roman retains but both belts will be split up soon enough. Winner: Roman Reigns. 

So who do you think will win tonight? I’ll be watching it live and probably posting thoughts on Twitter as the show airs.

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