Happy Halloween, Scooby Doo DVD Review

There will be spoilers ahead! 

This direct to DVD Scooby Doo movie came out in 2020 and I’ve been wanting to watch it ever since but kept forgetting. In her first Scooby Doo appearance, and how did it take this long, Elvira appears! But she’s not the only celebrity because Velma’s scientific deduction of the mystery is assisted by Bill Nye. Plus so much more.. 

There is a Halloween parade in Crystal Cove, where the Mystery Incorporated gang call home, and Elvira is the grand marshal of the parade. Some bad guy in a mask attacks and it’s time for the Mystery Inc gang to get to the bottom of this. The villain seems defeated quickly and that’s because giant mutated pumpkins now come to life and attack the citizens of the town. It’s a race for safety and to save the day that will entertain adults and kids. 

Now, let’s talk about the crazy things that take place in this movie, and here is where the spoilers come in. One, the first bad guy is none other than Batman villain Jonathan Crane, the Scarecrow! Both characters are owned by Warner Bros. so it’s not completely out of nowhere but it is unexpected. As Crane is brought into police custody, the nearby pumpkin patch comes to life. As the gang with Elvira tries to escape the gourds they are given a brand new van with all sorts of gimmicks as a present from a holographic Bill Nye. The movie becomes an epic chase as the Mystery Inc gang, Elvira, and a family that regrets getting caught up in this drive down the highway trying to outrun the pumpkins. Daphne ends up with Elvira on the road and Daphne is absolutely hero worshiping Elvira the whole time. I love how much these DVD movies are having fun and really playing with the characters, making them more well rounded. When the Gang has to make a stand, Fred sets up all of his traps and your kids won’t get the reference, but it’s a brilliant tribute to a 1980s R rated classic. Velma eventually solves everything but is this story actually over? 

The true villain is revealed in a way that has me seeking out more of the Scooby Doo DVD movies. I think this twist has been planned for awhile and I’m not sure if these movies have been stand alone or if something has been building in the background all along. Unfortunately, the geek internet is sleeping on deep dives for these Scooby Doo movies. The reveal seems out of nowhere but maybe not if it has been happening throughout multiple movies. The grand Scooby Doo cinematic universe needs to be explored. I recommend watching this movie for fun and meanwhile I’ll be looking into these movies some more.

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