Kaiju Girl Caramelise Volume 5 Manga Review

From Spica Aoki. Published by Yen Press. 

I started reviewing this series over a year ago and found out volume 5 came out recently. Volume 6 is currently scheduled for September and might be the last in the series. Much of what I liked about the series I continued to enjoy in this volume. However I did end up feeling a bit disappointed. The story is still fun and I’ll be all set for the finale to see what ends up happening in this puberty kaiju romance. Volume five though just passed by so quickly, and I read it in what felt like minutes, that I’m not sure how much of this one was necessary. A new kaiju has hatched, and that was interesting. The love story which I was engrossed in as something new – there’s not a whole lot of boy meets girl who’s hiding she’s a monster story – falls into formula. This fifth edition is classic sitcom misunderstandings. Who’s the boy you’re with? Who’s the girl you’re with? And both answers are harmless if only anyone would have a two minute conversation. When a person is hiding a big secret, like being a large monster, there’s no point in keeping other things inside too. Get it all out there, tell all the feelings, because the big secret leaves no room for anything else to be kept inside. 

I’m hoping this is a bit of calm before the storm. A bit of setting up a few more things so every piece is on the board before the upcoming finale. I would hate to see a giant monster go out with a whimper.

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