Liberty Meadows Books One and Two Graphic Novel Review

From Frank Cho. Published by Image Comics. 

Frank Cho is a great comic artist and does some of the best work to show strength, power, perfect anatomy, and epic battles. He also has one of the most fun comic strips I’ve ever read and that’s Liberty Meadows. 

Liberty Meadows is an animal sanctuary full of some silly outlandish anthropomorphic animals. The main humans who help them, Brandy and Frank, build up a “will they or won’t they” relationship over these two books and I’m assuming the later ones as well. (Hopefully I’ll get those eventually.) While this is a comic and collected as a graphic novel, it is presented as a comic strip (which it originally was) and it is some of the best humor and pacing I’ve read in a long time. I’ve known for years that Frank Cho can draw anything he wants to but he can also write it well too. I laughed, I was concerned, I was engaged, and I worried for some of the characters along the way. I hope for the best for Brandy and Frank and have to track down the rest of the series. 

There are also a lot of inside comic strip jokes scattered throughout the collections. I love when comic strips play with the format and don’t exist in a vacuum of their own series. There are many comic strips all on the same page, so why not treat it as one big world? In humor and in pop culture references there are times that the comic reminds me of one of my other favorites, Pearls Before Swine. 

Frank Cho does mostly comic book work now but I think the Liberty Meadows run both breaks new ground and gives tribute to the comic strips that came before. While Cho is doing well with comic books my only complaint is that Liberty Meadows should have grown bigger to not only have more collections but also merchandise. 

An absolute blast of a read and if you can track down any collection it’s even better than spending a morning with the Sunday comics.

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