At Odds with Wrestling Homework: Nightmare Factory Showcase 6

It’s another week of homework from the At Odds with Wrestling podcast. This week is Adam’s turn to select something and that usually means something awful. We’ve watched all of them so far, so why not watch the sixth edition of the Nightmare Factory Showcase. You can watch along for free on YouTube if you really want to. 

Cody Rhodes appears to remind viewers that these matches are the culmination of a 12 week training school. Most of these wrestlers, but not all, are having their first match on this showcase. 

Jimbo vs Justin Xavier.

Justin’s a video gamer. Apparently a fan of retro ones too because he’s maybe 20 at the most and decked out in Pac-Man gear. He also does not have a ton of strength. Jimbo has to flip himself over for a few moves. Jimbo might be big in the Factory but he is too small to pull off this slow methodical pace. He has one of the best neck hugs I’ve ever seen. I don’t know what move he thinks he was applying, but that’s a neck hug. Jimbo as a veteran is not going to get more done by 9 AM than I do all day at this pace. Justin does hit a nice running shooting star press. Jimbo runs into the corner, Justin evades, school boy, rolls over and folds Jimbo in half for the win. 

Kojo and Lesnar vs Vary Morales and Big C.A.

Ko-jio? And Lesnar changed his name too. The graphic named them Kojo and Lesnar, I’m going to call them Kojo and Lesnar. Big C.A. trying to work an agile big man style, but is he really that big? I’m guessing 6’4” at the most. Morales looks like he knows some things and turns out he has a bit more experience than just at the Factory. Morales does a good job of taking the face beating before the hot tag. Big C.A. doesn’t hit clotheslines, he stands there with his arm out and waits for his opponent to run into it. Morales superkicks his own partner! Kojo pins Big C.A.! I’m curious what Morales could do in the ring with more experienced opponents. 

I was about to say these announcers aren’t terrible, then they switch announcers. 

Spartan of Pain vs Dorian Bengston. 

Dorian got stuck half way between Raven and the Road Dogg. Bengston has a nice leg trip maneuver. Someone should steal that but do it better. Dorian with a springboard twisting moonsault but he misses. This! Is! Sparta!…’s very slow come back. Spartan takes Darian off the top, power slam, and a pin. Total fantasy camp match. Fair work by Dorian carrying his opponent. 

Ryan Hawthorne vs Charlotte Renegade. 

“The charge nurse.” She quit that job to pursue this dream, so we’re going to give her a gimmick all about that old job. Is Renegade still considered a rookie? I’ve seen her so much as AEW enhancement talent I thought she had a few more years than I guess she does. Ryan with a dangerous scoop slam. Please don’t do that again. Ryan does some crowd work. Ryan with a DDT but Charlotte kicks out. Ryan hits a Flatliner for the pin. I have a new respect for Charlotte after this match. 

Dean Cooper and “Superstar” J Lucas vs Cobra Sing and Zach Appolyton. 

Cobra and Zach actually have some size to them. Dean is apparently “The Ultimate Guy”. How does Zach’s actual face look like the Dasher Hatfield mask? Lucas has a big nice looking hesitation dropkick. 

Now let’s ruin this show for someone. I thought I was going crazy or my internet was off, because parts of this show started looking like slow motion and I didn’t really notice it until this match. There is a handheld camera on the right. (If we’re sitting on the hard camera side this is to the right of that.) That camera must record in a different frame per second than the hard camera does. Every time they switch to that camera everything feels a bit off. I noticed it for the first time in this match but it happens every time they switch to that camera for the rest of the show. 

Back to action and Lucas hits a big elbow drop from the top onto Cobra for the pin. Best match of the night so far. 

“The Cruiserweight Classic” Larry Lazard vs “The Real Deal” Terry Yaki vs “The Empruh” Baron Black. 

I feel the phrase “ring veteran” is thrown around way too loosely tonight. Baron locks on a combo Boston Crab and Camel Clutch on both of his opponents. Baron later has a Gory Special and Abdominal Stretch on both combatants at the same time. Larry hits a great 450 but the Baron kicks out. Yaki Buster out of nowhere on Larry and Terry get the win. Perfectly fine GCW level scramble. I’ll be curious to see Baron again somewhere. 

Robyn Renegade vs “The Captin” (Vicky) Dream Boat.

She’s called Vicky, but that name is not on the graphic. They also miss the “a” in captain. I don’t know if this is a typo or if they’re being cute. But speaking of cute! I almost messaged Adam as soon as Vicky came out. Absolutely cute as hell and worth the price of admission. I’ll even go so far as to say she looks cuter than anyone on the previous WXW assignment (asterisk for Alexis Laree not yet Mickie James). She has a great girl next door/underdog energy. Robyn plays a great bitch as a counter. 619 but Vicky calls it the shipwreck only gets two. Vicky follows up with a stunner to get the win. 

The Renegade twins have so much passion and are trying so hard. I think if they keep at it at this level they’ll make it in the next couple years. 

South East Swat Team (tag champs) vs Logan Ragnarok and “the Rocket” Josh Benson.

There are tag champs? Since when? Was there a tournament? In Rio? Luke Sampson is the bigger Swat. Supposedly more experienced too. Both of the Swat team lay down bringing Logan’s hot tag to a screeching halt. Sampson slams Logan for the pin. That’s it. I expected much more from the tag champs. Tag champions I never saw before for titles I never knew existed. 

Dean Alexander vs Shoot Taylor. 

Dean? In the main event?! I am shook. Shoot has nice rolls and holds. I’m guessing amateur experience? He has potential. Give him more time. Maybe a bit more muscle. He hits a nice looking Shoot Driver from the second rope. Running forearm and Shoot gets the win. Dean is called the “Reverse Undertaker” and is now 0-6. 

Not the worst thing we’ve ever watched. I think it will be interesting to see in the years to come who is still chasing the dream and who is content with having a match or two and checking that off the bucket list.

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