At Odds with Wrestling Homework – WCW Thunder January 20,2000

Once again it is time to watch some wrestling. Well, this article is going up on WrestleMania weekend so its actually time to watch a TON of wrestling. But over the last week we didn’t have a large wrestling event to watch which meant it was time for another homework assignment as part of the At Odds with Wrestling Patreon series. This week continues the look back at WCW from January to April 2000, the period in between Vince Russo’s reigns as booker. Let’s see what sort of triumphs and treasures await on this episode. 

This episode of Thunder takes place from Evansville, Indiana. Your announcers for the evening are Mike Tenay, Scott Hudson, and Tony Schiavone. 

Local police are guarding the doors where a meeting of WCW officials is taking place. The Harris Brothers wait for the nWo limo to show up which also includes new WCW commissioner Kevin Nash. 

David Flair and Crowbar (WCW tag team champions) (with Daffney) vs the Mamalukes (with Disco Inferno).

Disco joins the announcers and everyone feels blessed. Mike Tenay asks if Mamalukes means “half breed” and I’m floored. I would have expected that from other people but not from Tenay and not in the year 2000. Crowbar grows tired of waiting for the Mamalukes to get in position so he just goes for the dive to the outside and hopes they catch him, which they barely do. Johnny the Bull has a great vertical leap to the top rope. Flair waits and waits and waits for his spot with a crowbar. Johnny moves, Flair hits Crowbar with a crowbar. The Mamalukes get the pin and are new tag team champions. Daffney and David don’t seem too concerned as they make out and trip over Crowbar. The person, not the object. 

The police won’t let Nash into the WCW meeting room. 

Kimberly and DDP arrive at the arena together. 

Mean Gene interviews the Mamalukes. 

Hacksaw Jim Duggan comes out in his working onesie. He says he will never denounce the United States (not for a few months at least). Curt Hennig comes out and insults Hacksaw for being a janitor. Hennig in the black sleeveless turtleneck look which I believe we saw Christian recently sport. A match happens. An over the top overly bumping match. Comical even. Hacksaw bumps into the referee. Hennig grabs the 2×4. Hacksaw accidentally hits the ref with the board. Hennig walks away. So I guess that match just ends. Technically Hennig should get the win by DQ. 

The nWo is harassing someone on a laptop. Why? Are they hoping they can somehow see into the WCW meeting room through the laptop? This is how late 90s movies thought computer hacking works. 

Three Count dance and sing. I have to let the announcers know that the last Cable Ace Awards were in 1997. So WCWs odds of being nominated are looking small. Norman Smiley in combat gi comes out to dance. He clears the ring of 3 Count. Norman’s promo is loads of fun too. “I eat hardcore food…” Norman challenges anyone. Tank Abbot comes out to answer. Norman backs away and trips over the entrance ramp. Tank punches him out with one blow. Fine segment for what it is.

In the nWo locker room, Nash wants to know what’s going on. 

Lash LeRoux vs Psicosis (with Juvi) vs Chavo Guerrero Jr. 

Juvi is doing his Rock impression. Chavo has a briefcase and I don’t remember why. Is he selling something? The angle isn’t explained and I haven’t seen Chavo since we started watching this era of WCW. Lash forgets he’s in the match and just watches for awhile. Must have been trained at the David Flair School of Wrestling. Chavo hits a tornado DDT on Lash. Psychosis off the top with a leg drop on Lash to get the pin. Chavo despite being right there can’t move fast enough to break up the pin. I guess the tornado made him dizzy. It’s a good match with no reason or emotion. 

Kidman walks.

WCW magazine ad. Remember when every month there was WWF, Raw, WCW, ECW, WOW, plus all the Apter magazines? 

The Artist is recording and I don’t know what noises he’s making but it hurts to hear. 

The Artist (with Paisley) vs Kidman.

“TAFKAPI”. Wrestling happens, but then Torrie Wilson is back! “Where has she been?” Agree. 

(COG meeting. Wow. What an outfit on Torrie. She looks amazing here. Of course she looks great now too. Speaking of looking great now, how good does Trish Stratus look? Wow.)

“Plenty of glory here.” None of these three should be the comedic one and yet someone has to be. Torrie trips the Artist. Kidman should have gotten the win without any interference. Kidman almost kicks Torrie in the head as he gets back in the ring. Short powerbomb and Kidman gets the win. Torrie and Kidman kiss and embrace.

(This isn’t meant in a negative or shameful way at all. But Torrie and Stacy absolutely leveled up who they were banging every step of the way. Good for them.)

WCW official Terry Taylor is on his way to the ring. Earning his paycheck.

Terry Taylor comes out. He’s in the ring and announces that next week on WCW Nitro a new champion will be crowned. Nash can choose a representative. WCW has chosen Sid Vicious. Nash and the nWo come out. Nash says Sid has to beat Jarrett first on Monday. Then Sid will face Nash himself for the vacant title. 

Later Nash is upset and makes a crazy main event for tonight. 

Berlyn vs the Wall.

The “German wrestling machine”. I always thought Alex Wright was a good constant in WCW. Wall hits a big boot for the pin. Berlyn does a fine job here of making the Wall look good and putting him over. 

DDP is stretching. Kimberly reads a book. Hopefully it’s “How to be a professional wrestling referee.”

Oklahoma comes out. He gives up the Cruiserweight title. He says it’s because others are more deserving, not because he’s over the weight limit. Medusa is out. 

(COG meeting. I always thought Madusa was stunning. She is absolutely stacked here. And hey, to skip ahead for a moment. While Sherri Martel always had to look the heel or scary, she was a looker too.)

Medusa says she should get a rematch (true). But she’s here to start a women’s division (tell me how that works out for you). Oklahoma says he’ll fight but then Sherri Martel shows up out of no where and attacks Madusa. Ms Hancock comes out to take notes. Three Hall of Fame women wrestlers in one segment! Sherri slips off the ropes. Medusa hits her with a kick and a quick roll up for the pin. These two were AWA womens champions in 1986 and 1987. So, you know, yesterday for WCW. 

Nash is stressed. Join the club big Kev. 

Jerry Flynn vs Fit Finlay.

Buzzkill is in the crowd. Brian Knobbs comes out to watch. Finlay distracts the ref. Knobbs beats up Flynn a bit. Knobbs accidentally hits Finlay with the kendo stick. Flynn pins Finlay. Finlay and Knobbs have words. Nothing overall but maybe setting up something in the future for these two? 

Kimberly walks. Chris “Champagne” Kanyon is out with his entourage. These two women used to be Nitro Girls Chameleon and Baby and this is what they’re doing now while still under contract. 

WCW Mayhem the music commercial. I think I still have this CD. I didn’t hate it. Some good rock and metal on here. 

Speaking of discs, its AOL 5.0. 

CCK (with his crew) vs DDP (with Kim). 

Just Kim for now. Oh hey, Chameleon was also Ms Jones when she’s later paired with Ernest Miller. The More You Know… CCK runs down the town. Kim is out, where’s Page? Kim teases CCK. He’s ready to ditch the girls for Kim. DDP appears from the crowd and jumps CCK. Kanyon still rocking that Oliver Platt haircut. The ladies stay even though Kanyon was ready to get rid of them moments ago. Kanyon with an innovative leg drop that drives Page into the ring steps. Overbooked ending involving a briefcase and J Biggs. Page eventually hits a Diamond Cutter for the pin.

Sid tapes up. Booker T gets ready. Big T and Lex Luger talk with Elizabeth keeping watch. The nWo watch all of this. I watch a commercial for cheeseburger Hot Pockets. Oh, lets pair that with some Frank’s Red Hot and Slim Jims.

Total Package (with Miss Elizabeth) and Sid Vicious vs Big T and Booker T (with Midnight).

“Big T has done 600 pounds on the bench.” From the looks of him that was just standing up after sitting on a park bench. Big T tags Booker. Lex isn’t paying attention. Sid tries to tag Lex who backs off but then he gets tagged in anyways. This whole match feels rushed against TV time remaining. I start thinking in much of Lex’s career he was a glorified mercenary. Lex is the guy who is going to take someone else out. And that feels like all he is here too. Nash comes out to watch the match. Big T hits Booker from behind. Sid chokeslams Big T who just rolls out and walks away. Lex picks up a hurt Booker T for the torture rack and gets the win. All of this happens rather fast and again, I’m guessing the top of the hour was nigh. 

Overall the show is fine. If I went with some friends and spent $20 on my ticket I would have felt like it was a good night out. Title change, okay matches, some ladies. If there was a good dark match too, not a bad Tuesday night. Now to see what is next for this interesting era of WCW.

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