Guest Appearances.

Sometimes I write and/or podcast on other sites. Any time I show up on another site I’ll link to it on this page.

Co-host of The Pop Culture Pub podcast.

Listen to episodes at this link HERE.

The Retro Network, Contributing Writer.

Author page at this link HERE.

Taco Bell Quarterly, Volume 1. Contributing Writer. 

Download volume 1 HERE.

You Are Not Alone anti-bullying graphic novel anthology, contributing writer. (Out of print)


Comics Bulletin, Contributing Writer.

Find those articles HERE.


Super Hero Hype, Contributing Writer.

Find those articles at this link HERE.

Rome Observer, Contributing Writer.

“11-year-old Frankie Till continues ‘Skate for Polio’ fundraiser”

“Local author uses central New York as inspiration for novel”


Topless Robot

Contributor, Cool and Collected magazine

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Daily Waffle:

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